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Diving in Mozambique

Mozambique is sites, with its long sunny deserted white beaches and tropical atmosphere it's every diver's paradise. The people here are friendly and has a rich culture with a long an interesting history.

In Mozambique dive sites are not crowded and consists of a abundant wide variety of marine life. This marine life include tropical and game fish species as well as rare creatures like dugongs, whale sharks and turtles. Conditions are favourable most of the year. The beauty of diving at Mozambique is that it is still not commercialised and most of the dive sites are still unspoilt unlike the Caribbean or the Great Barrier

Water temperatures range from 22°C in winter to 31°C in summer and visibility between 5 and 35 metres, with an average year round visibility of 15 metres.

There a numerous dive sites you can check out each with its own unique experience. The following are the most popular:

Ponto do Ouro
There are five dive sites at Ponto do Ouro where you can encounter anything from hammerheads, kingfish, barracuda to potato bass.

In Vilanculos you can dive with whale sharks. These gentle giants are fairly common and of no danger to humans as the live of plankton. You can also dive at Manta Reef where like the name say you can swim with the gracious manta rays, but also turtles.

Bazaruto Island
At Bazaruto Island the best sites to dive at are Tandy's Reef and Vengie's. The Greek Temple has a series of pinnacles and pillars which rise from the ocean floor and is a popular dive spot.

Benguerra Island
At this island is also ideal for diving because a short barrier reef that protects a narrow channel between Bazaruto and Benguerra. Here you will find several completely unspoilt dive sites. It has a colourful variety of hard and soft corals and supports numerous schools of reef fish like fusiliers, coachmen, goldies and snapper. Gamefish are also freaquently encountered aswell as many types of shark.

Pemba and the Querimbas
In Pemba, there is a dive centre at Wimbe Beach where you can hire equipment and arrange scuba excursions to explore the shallow waters in the area. Gorgeous coral reefs lie off the coastline here, just waiting to be explored. Lucky divers may also see dolphins and whales.

Ponta Malongane
Ponta Malongane is situated in southern Mozambique just north of the South African border. The dive sites are unspoilt coral reefs ranging from 10m to 30m deep with visibility around 40m. The reef has many caves and gullies where you can encounter giant turtles, whale sharks, a beautiful wide variety of tropical fish, dolphins and scary sharks

Other Activities
Mozambique is not all about diving but offer also a wide variety of water sports and other activities wich include:

The Mozambique coastline is renowned for its game fishing and boats can be chartered from the various resorts. The pristine waters abound with dorado, bonito, king mackerel, yellow fin tuna and kingfish. Salt water fly fishing is also very popular.

Surfing and windsurfing:
An ideal mix of warm water, consistent swells and sandy headlands makes Mozambique a world class surfing destination, and the waves around Tofinho draw some serious surfers. At Tofu Beach you can hire a soft longboard or bodyboard if you want to try your hand at surfing Mozambique.

Several resorts in Mozambique have yachts for charter and many offer sunset and island cruises. If you want something more authentic, dhow trips are a great adventure.

Mozambique's magnificent birdlife makes it an important destination for southern African birders. Of the 850 or so species that are found in Mozambique about 30 of them are usually only found there.





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