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Do the Diski Dance




Start learning the soccer-based moves of South Africa's diski dance and you'll start feeling the rhythm of African football - and the energy and passion that's in store for the world at the 2010 World Cup.

South Africa's own diski dance is set to get the world jiving to an African rhythm when the football World Cup arrives on the continent for the first time.

The dance, that takes its inspiration from Diski Football (as unique and flamboyant a football style as vuvuzelas are trumpeting and triumphant), is started by a little boy, spreads to other settings and spills onto the streets of Johannesburg. It comprise a series of soccer moves.

The Diski Dance is fun!! It's very easy to do. It makes you feel good. It makes you want to go out there; cheer for your team; paint your face in your national colours; wave your supporter's flag; see goals being scored and celebrate with thousands and thousands of others.

It's inherently African, rhythmic, celebratory, vital, joyful.

The football-loving world will be gripped by the rhythmic, celebratory diski dance that has already become the definitive boogie of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Ready to start learning the dance for yourself?

Here's how to do the diski dance!



Love the diski!

Posted by: shazia

Now everyone can learn the Diski much easier - if we let everyone know about this Youtube link we will all be able to dance this great 2010 dance

Everybody wants to learn the Diski Dance, but all the websites show the dance from the front and fast so people cannot pick up the moves easily. Therefore most people give up trying to learn it. But now there is an easier way for everyone to learn the Diski:

It's much easier if shown from the back and slowly. People should try this website - it's the easiest way to learn the Diski: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4Y9596kdBI

This link is part 1. The final part (Diski Dance made Easy Part 2) will posted next week. If we let everyone know about this Youtube link we will all be able to dance this great 2010 dance.

Try this link for yourself and if you agree with us how easy it is, let everyone know about it so we can all do the Diski.

Posted by: carrie

@ Vincento
I think it's a great idea to let Bafana Bafana do the diski before they start!! :)

Posted by: Fiona

Hey Guys! We really love & enjoy the diski dance and build a platform for our German dancing people on www.diski-dance.de - come check it out and tell it to German people you know please :-)

Posted by: Diski Dance Germany

If you love the song you can download it on the Nokia Music Store!

Posted by: Cut & Paste

Viva Diski Dance! I love the diski dance! Perfect for 2010. Ayobanez!!

Posted by: Francis

Diski is the best thing that has ever happened to South Africa. I think Bafana should do it before they play, you know like a the Kiwi's haka. The crowds would go wild and the opposition will fear.

Fantastic African invention!

Posted by: Vincento

I love diski dance and I like to know the moves to teach Koster youth.

Posted by: emmanuel

The Diski Dance is so vuvuzelized and displays the true African ablitity to present South Africa in a way of Ayobaness.

Posted by: Gladys Mofokeng

The diski dance is so South African and has so much drive.

Posted by: Busisiwe Xaba

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