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The Vibrant, Colourful, Coloured People




The "coloured people" is the official South African term for the country's mixed descent inhabitants. They are the third largest population group in the country and today number just over three million. The Coloureds (as they are commonly called) live primarily in the Western Cape. Subcultures exist within the broad grouping: Cape Coloureds, Griquas and Cape Malays.

The coloured community has diverse origins. The Dutch colonials began importing slaves from as early as 1658. They came from elsewhere in Africa and from some of the islands of the Indian and Atlantic oceans. It was inevitable that admixtures were to follow. The Khoikhoi, Xhosa and white man added their own progeny over the decades. The Cape Malay has Indian, Arab, Malagasy, Chinese and Malay blood. These people are held together by their religion. They live mostly in Cape Town. The Griquas, who have a strong sense of identity, live in the Northern Cape. They are descended from Khoikhoi and white ancestors who met 200 years ago.

Coloureds were traditionally fishermen, farm labourers and servants. Today, many still live on farms, as farm labourers and in rural settlements. However, a large number of this community has begun to take their rightful places in politics, commerce, industry, education and the arts. Coloured folklore and music has become an integral part of the cultural scene in South Africa

In general and in cultural terms, there is very little to distinguish the coloured people from South Africans of European origin. Formal race classification seem to be unjust. Some 87% of coloured people are Christian; they are mostly bilingual, although Afrikaans is their first language.

The coloured people were rather closely integrated into the Cape community. But in the 1950's they were removed from the voters' roll. Their residential areas became legally delineated in terms of the Group Areas Act.

New, soulless towns were built for the natural increase in population, such as Mitchell's Plain and the Cape Flats. In the 1970's the famed District Six, the heart of the coloured community in Cape Town was sadly demolished.

Today all suburbs are effectively multiracial, but the racial lines still remain.



So they used the least attractive people for the pictures for Coloureds, come on, we all know that Coloureds are beutiful people.

Posted by: Kullid X

Let us forgive each other & look for a way forward, because it is not nice to hear bad things about this race issues ,because being coloured it is so complex, some are white + Black, some are Khoi blood + coloured; please let us not hurt each other but look for solution to move forward!

Posted by: piet

I'm a English speaking girl. My parent speaks Afrikaans, but always or mostly spoke English to me. When I speak Afrikaans I speak kombuis Afrikaan versa Afrikaans spoken people who's trying to speek english. Different words are being created everyday, and Coloureds are very creative of making new slang words...

Posted by: yusfah thomas

The repatriation of the remains of Klaas and Trooi Pienaar is part of the governments' effort towards the restoration of the dignity of victims of racism and colonialism; many of these remains are stored in museums all over the world, especially Europe.

In 2002 the remains of Sarah Baartman were safely returned to the country and buried in Hankey, Eastern Cape. The South African Government is committed to human rights, reconciliation, promotion and the protection our cultural heritage and social cohesion. Did most colourds attend this or will we always listen to europen propaganda?

Posted by: Piet

The problem with being coloured is that most of us look for our white heritage instead of believing that we are just people. I'm educated and agree with one of the other comments the way forward is to rise above the stereotypically extraction of front teeth and alcohol drinking and to go out with dignity.

Vote ANC because they at least allow me to live wherever Iwant to. The white people had their chance and they treated us like animals. How do you expect the ANC to suddenly become metropolian and fancy when they were in exile or being oppressed to the extent that they could not even be educated.

Give the people a chance just like us and sometimes worst the blacks suffered, dont insult them by expecting them to be up to standard completely.

Blacks are still fighting to be there, long Q auditions, submit CV,hey! We need to stand up in the direction. Black ppl are divided in many language and every 1 is using education to get there. Most colourds I worked with are desperate to be acknoledged as whites. But for whites we all remain second best frm pure blacks, whites will only give u food but nt managerial position, only in this democracy when u are educated u will get that.
I agree with u Tracy.

Posted by: mariana

Oh poor Sandra, you are desparate to be associated with the same people who killed us as part of hunting for fun, isn't the same Khoi San from Africa? Isn't the same people who mistreated Sara Baartman? You forgot that this days it is also about Education to change the past, as for poor ANC it took over frm 1994 with no leadeship experience, but here we are all enjoying freedom & it is still trying, there was so much to be done in 1994. You cannot expect that SA's Rome to be build in 1 day. There they are now more engineers, doctors, etc as before. Lift yourself up like 'Bernhard Baatjies".

Bernhard - real Khoisan are from the same Africa not Europe.

Posted by: marian

Lol listen to how some of us still have this ignorant perception of coloured people as an actual "race" as if race is a scientific fact... Listen up.. Ons is gemeng, and it would do a lot of our people good to actually go the distance and research into your roots... Here's a website to get julle started http://www.stamouers.com/Slave.htm... I'm proud of my roots..

And people Cape Malay is by no means a correct description, as 0.9% of approximately 60 000 slaves were from Malaysia.. The vast majority were 39% Indian, Bangladeshi, Indian (where SOME of my roots lie), 31% Indonesian ( where SOME of my roots lie), 27% Angolan, guinea and east Africa ( not sure), and then Malagasy and Malaysians made up about 2%. Then we also have Khoi, San, Xhosa, and various white groups..

So please, let's stop discriminating, we are an accepting people.. Soos wat Malcolm X gese het--- YOU CAN'T HATE THE ROOTS OF THE TREE, and NOT HATE THE TREE... Ek doen my self 'n guns en leer Indonesia se standardised language en ek probber ook Khoekhoe leer, maar ek sal Griqua will leer want hulle het nog die insig in ons ou Khoikhoi lewe en die dynamic concept van "kultuur".

Posted by: wayne Jumat

Us colored people are also human. The ANC want to take us out of Cape Town just because we voted for the DA. We are called Cape coloreds for a reason. No offence, I would rather be called colored than black.

Posted by: sandra

I am from Durban en my ouma was a Griqua, her maiden surname was Hemero en ek dink ek het baie relatives in Kokstad.

Posted by: Edward

My name is Bernhard Baatjies. You may know me from a feature film made by Anant Sign about my life story, called DOLLARS AND WHITE PIPES, or very recently I produced a show for SABC called COLOUR TV.

Firstly I have to commend Delroy on his comment about the marginalization of Coloured People in media.

This is a very real issue and I commend him for noting this, I hope that with this comment of mine I will shed some more light on this matter to all.

I have dedicated my life to pursue this very cause, as I am one of millions of Coloured South Africans who had voted out an apartheid government and voted in, and for a new democratic government with a constitution and bill of rights I expected would, for a change celebrate , nurture and at very least protect my heritage,culture and traditions I practice.

This expectation in its most basic appeal is nothing more than the very essence and cornerstone of ANY democracy worldwide.

With our votes as new free citizens , im sure we all expected every benefit that comes with living in a democratic society as apposed to a oppressive system like apartheid.

Glad to say that with great leaders, fighters and pioneers of the struggle we got exactly what we wanted, a country free to all with limitless benefits irrespective of colour or cultural difference.

Yet a sad and obvious truth is apparent, we seemingly are a country of only 2 races...Black and White.

Research of world population statistics documents MIXED RACE as a separate demographic.

In fact the MIXED RACE demographic is the fastest growing demographic (useless info-but just remember that)

Our votes not only said YES to the new system of democracy, but also a Bill Of Right attached to a solid constitution.

Therefore: in agreeing to vote for your new government we collectively agreed in principle to our new constitution in its totality.

In this said constitution the country gets sub-divided into 4 demographics- BLACK-WHITE-COLOURED and INDIAN/ASIAN, this is a common and correct procedure for ALL democracies worldwide as it recognizes all its citizens diversity and individual rights.

In SA the population split is as follows:79% Black 9.2% White 9% Coloured and 2.8% Indian/Asian.

If this is the case, is it not correct to say or assume that based on the above-mentioned percentages it would only be fair that every sub-culture should receive the relevant media exposure by its national broadcaster?

Are the traditions that my grandparent handed down to me from their grandparents not relevant enough in this new democracy, even though I am almost the second largest demographic?

Irrespective of the differences within our/my culture is it fair to disregard my demographic in its entirety?

Why has our national broadcaster (SABC) paid for and commissioned a show like EASTERN MOSAIC for the past 9yrs, thereby fulfilling their constitutional obligation to programming quotas for the smallest grouping, yet they frown and totally disregard any for Coloured people?

It makes no sense how a national broadcaster uses TV licence payments from ALL South Africans (not forgetting our tax-payers money, as they are a para-state institution) and spends Millions anually on 2.8% yet totally disregard the media rights of a far greater 9%.

Is it not our basic right to have programming as Coloureds on all our channels because MY and YOUR constitution recognizes us as a demographic. (and almost the second largest demographic to be totally honest)

It is entrenched in the constitution and accepted by the ENTIRE nation that we recognize these 4 separate demographics, and we as citizens abide by this to such an extent that on a census form we are obligated and/or obliged to note our culture/demographic diffence for record purposes.

Why then are we accepting so much less in our very basic right like media exposure?

The Coloured communities culture,heritage and traditions (no matter how diverse) is being bled out at such a fast and sickening rate, it borders on cultural genocide.

Why are we so blind to this? is it because we are starting to believe the propaganda- machine that we are a lessor and/or second rate society that is so diverse and separate that we dont matter as a culture?

We need to be very aware of the worlds oldest strategy at war...."Divide and concur"

Soon Coloured people will be so divided that we ourselves will submit and ask to be absorbed into one of the other 3 demographics.

In fact, this is already the sad truth I have discovered in my years of research.

Many Coloured people say they Black,some even claim to be White, and this is a sad sign of a culture that will soon be forgotten.

I implore you to STOP and start speaking to your grandparents and see the values and traditions they have carried with them and held dear to them which they only wish could be carried on to your children.

There are many traditions that are very specific to our culture , the 21st KEY , the koeksister with klapper, hair-treatments and yes even the 'passion gap'(to mention just a few), but we have be so programmed to see them all as bad that we starting to believe.

I have seen men with their bodies hurt and legs or arms amputated, but there is no sadder sight than the sight of a man with an amputated soul.

It is time to rise up up my fellow citizens and start demanding our rights as first class citizens, after all we where the loudest voice in the country when our fellow black brothers and sister freedom fighters where exiled and couldn't fight from inside.

We lost our lives mostly during the 76 riots , yes the UDF was the voice of the voiceless and yes we stood up for that 79% of our Black brothers and sisters way back then.

Its time to rise up now and not just accept crumbs from the cake that we have played equal part to bake.

The white Afrikaners (of the past) have even gone as far as stealing our language we started and claimed it their own.

Let me explain this:

There is no version that makes any sense or documented proof how the Dutch just suddenly started to water down their own language and 'invented' Afrikaans, it makes no sense to any person with any logical thinking how a proud Dutch nation could just start changing there own language.

Here is the only plausible definition and the one that I know makes total sense to me.

It is no secret that when JVR landed and claimed the Cape as theirs, they used the locals (Khoi) as slaves to work their farms and also in all their homes.

Over the years more and more Khoi started to work for the Dutch masters yet there was a huge communication barrier in homes and on the land.

This led to many beatings and even deaths.

The Khoi nation being the smart and advanced culture that they where at the time (only documented culture that used paintings and writing at that stage in Africa) slowly used there own version of the masters language to communicate better.

This as we came to know its was called Kombuis Afrikaans, as it was the language that the slaves used to speak to the masters in the kitchen where they worked.

This language was a breakthrough and a blessing to even the Dutch for productivity and after many years became so widely used that the Dutch themselves adapted it due to the fact that they now spent more time in SA than in Holland.

As kids grew up in these dutch homes they learnt not the dialect spoken in Holland but this new language now used as their everyday communication.

Make sense?

So back to now....

I am starting a movement that will hold the SA Government accountable for marginalizing us as a demographic and not living up to their constitutional obligations as stipulated in our Bill Of Rights.

Soon I will pitch a new TV series to SABC and I hope it will appeal to as many of you as possible.

Please feel free to send me your suggestions and comments, as I want to try incorporate as many opinions as possible in the new series.

I would also like to know your feelings on me pursuing a constitutional court application demanding the media rights we deserve based on our constitution.

Please mail me at bernhard@colourtv.co.za or go to the facebook page for Colour TV.
Bernhard Baatjies
+27 82 5835995

Posted by: bernhard

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