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BSXI Hydro Spa

Location: Gauteng, Pretoria

Life has to be lived to be worthwhile. And every once in a while, you may just capture a little piece of heaven in this life – through a BSXI Hydro Spa treatment.

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BSXI Hydro Spa

BSXI Hydro Spa firmly keep to their belief in using enriched seaweed water for all their treatments. Thanks to their entirely natural extraction and conservation processes, the structure and composition of the algae and seawater remain intact.

Phytomer is the only laboratory in the world that has successfully freeze-dried seawater: Oligomer. This principled approach means that your body is treated in ways that enhance its well-being by naturally adding all those minerals and proteins to the skin, that are depleted by your modern day lifestyles.

BSXI does not subscribe to the philosophy that the venue of your hydro spa treatments must be a thousand miles away. Therefore, they are in Pretoria, close enough for you to steal away for an hour or two, with hardly anyone even noticing you are gone. Yet, they are secluded enough to let you escape to another world, even if it is for just a brief while. 

Their mission is to serve those who cross their doorsill in the best possible way. That also means offering value for money. Though they never compromise on quality, neither do they believe that being rejuvenated physically, mentally and emotionally should ruin you financially.  When you let them into your life, your full well-being remains their concern. For that reason, keep an eye on their carefully tailored special offers.


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