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Coordinate Finder

You can use this page and map to find coordinates anywhere in the world or to search for the location if you only have the coordinates.

You can find latitude and longitude coordinates by moving around the map until you find the exact location; or you can type the physical address into the search box.

Find coordinates by moving around the map
- Drag the map to broad location.
- Zoom in for greater accuracy.
- Drag the marker to pinpoint the place.
- The coordinates are refreshed at the end of each move.

Find coordinates using the address of the place
- Type the address into the search box: number, street name, city, country.
- Click on "Search"
- The correct coordinates will be displayed

Find a physical address by using coordinates
- Type the coordinates ( S34 1' 56.3", E22 59' 20.31" or in decimal format -33.91928, 18.42533) into the search box.
- Click on "Search"
- The marker on the map will move to the exact location.

 This page is based on Google's Map API and is currently centred on 1 Heerengracht Street, Cape Town, South Africa.