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Fort Mistake

Location: Kwazulu Natal, Glencoe

A signaling post built during the war - one in the line that stretched north to Newcastle. Between Ladysmith and Newcastle on the N11 about 22km from Glencoe.

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Fort Mistake

Inside the fort Rocky slopes

Mkupe Pass in the Biggarsberg was of vital concern to the British Army in 1879 and 1881 during the Anglo-Zulu War and the 1st Anglo Boer War.

It was their supply line between military head quarters in Pietermaritzburg and the Frontier stations of Newcastle and Dundee. It was the shortest route for any Boer invading force to strike at the communications system of the British defending forces and the quickest route to take to Ladysmith.

Colonel Sir Evelyn Wood, who recognised Mkupe as one of the strongest strategic positions in Natal, supervised the erection of a series of forts as signal stations on the line from Ladysmith to Newcastle - at Sunday's River, at Mkupe, at Dannhauser, at Ngagane and at Newcastle itself.

At Mkupe the fort took was first named Fort Mkupe but the name was later changed to Fort Mistake - apparently due to a an unknown cartographer plotted it incorrectly on a map.

Fort Mistake is on the N11 between Ladysmith and Newcastle - 22km from Glencoe. There is a motel, Fort Mistake, on the opposite side of the road.





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