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Articles: Health and Wellness

Some facts you should know about sunscreens   Some facts you should know about sunscreens
Most people rely on the sun protection factor (SPF) of a sun screen when deciding what protection is required. But this is controversial for various reasons.

Hammam - the latest in global spa trends   Hammam - the latest in global spa trends
All around the world spa goers are increasingly seeking tradition, authenticity and an unforgettable experience when visiting a spa. The Eastern European and Middle Eastern hammam are known to represent the latest of these trends.

Recognising a True Spa   Recognising a True Spa
The thought of a spa, create images of a relaxing day filled with mud baths, delicately prepared spa cuisine and visitors in white robes. Lately however, spas have sprung up all across South Africa in office buildings, shopping malls and residential areas alike.

The Origin of Spas   The Origin of Spas
In our busy lives many people have become known with rejuvenating their lives at spas. With thousands of spas across the globe offering numerous treatments, have you ever considered where spas originated?

Medicinal Plants (continued)   Medicinal Plants (continued)
The use and trade of medicinal plants in southern Africa has been recognised as providing important health care benefits, livelihood opportunities and as being culturally significant.

Medicinal Plants   Medicinal Plants
Traditional healers and their medicine played an important role in developing the western medicine. Four of these plants are discussed.

Devil's Claw   Devil's Claw
For thousands of years, the Khoisan people have used devil's claw root in remedies. It was introduction to Europe in the early 1900s and since then dried roots have been used to restore appetite, relieve heartburn, and reduce pain and inflammation.

Africa's Medicine   Africa's Medicine
The medicines and healing methods developed by Africas traditional healers may differ substantially from western medicine, but the fact that plants can successfully be used for healing can not be denied, even by the most conservative doctor