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Burgersdorp -- museums, monuments and memorials   Burgersdorp -- museums, monuments and memorials
Burgersdorp is not only the oldest town in the Eastern Cape, but also a town of museums, monuments and memorials as 10 of South Africa's National Monuments can be found there.

Masorini Iron Age Museum   Masorini Iron Age Museum
Masorini is a restored village with stonewalls, grinding stones, potsherds and the remains of foundries, including a smelting furnace, which date back to the 19th century. it offers an insight into the economy and technology employed by the hunter-gathers, and later Iron Age people.

Elim Moravian Mission Village   Elim Moravian Mission Village
Situated halfway between Gansbaai and Bredasdorp, lies the unique village of Elim. Established in 1824, the village is still today owned and managed by the Moravian Church of South Africa.

Explore The Cradle of Humankind   Explore The Cradle of Humankind
The Cradle of Humankind has one of the world's richest concentrations of hominid fossils, evidence of human evolution over the last 3.5-million years.

Firing Of The Noon Day Gun   Firing Of The Noon Day Gun
For over 200 years the people of Cape Town have been able to set their watches by the Noon Day Gun, one of a pair of cannons, now the oldest of their kind in the world, fired from a hilltop at noon six days a week.

Liliesleaf Farm   Liliesleaf Farm
Liliesleaf Farm, home of the ANC leadership in the early 1960s and the scene of the arrest of the Rivonia trialists, has opened as a museum. Walk in the footsteps of the political giants who used the property as a hide-out.

!Khwa ttu San Culture & Education Centre   !Khwa ttu San Culture & Education Centre
!Khwa ttu is a San culture and education centre close to Cape Town offering you the unique experience of being introduced to the world of the descendents of the first indigenous people of southern Africa.

West Coast Rock Art Route   West Coast Rock Art Route
The San (Bushman) rock paintings in the Cederberg, Nardouwsberg, Koue Bokkeveld and Olifants River Valley north of Cape Town are amongst the most accessible in South Africa.

Southern Africa's Early Inhabitants   Southern Africa's Early Inhabitants
Modern humans have lived in the southern part of the Africa continent for over 100 000 years. Stone-Age hunter-gatherers, the ancestors of the Khoekhoe and San, were the first inhabitants of this region.

Taung Heritage Site   Taung Heritage Site
At the Taung archaeological a fossilized skull of a young child was discovered by miners in 1924. Australopithecus Africanus, meaning the southern ape of Africa, led many scientists to believe that the origin of early man was initiated on the African continent.

Cape Floral Heritage Site   Cape Floral Heritage Site
The Cape Floristic Region in the Western and Eastern Cape has been officially recognised as South Africa's sixth World Heritage Site by the World Heritage Committee.

Eugene Marais - Writer and Scientist   Eugene Marais - Writer and Scientist
Eugene Marais is mostly known for the contribution he made to Afrikaans literature. He was, however, not only a brilliant writer, but also a scientist far ahead of his time.

World Heritage Sites of South Africa   World Heritage Sites of South Africa
South Africa hosts 8 of the World Heritage Sites and this is not surprising given the spectacular and diverse culture, nature and wildlife that South Africa offers its tourists.

Moffat Mission   Moffat Mission
The Kuruman mission has a long and interesting history. Due to the focus upon literacy, bible translation and the presence of the printing press, education became the primary task of the Mission.

Shaka, King of the Zulus   Shaka, King of the Zulus
The man who ruled over the Zulu clan at the time of their greatest glories, who had led their growth from a small clan into the dominant power of coast of south-east Africa, was called Shaka.

Matobo Hills   Matobo Hills
The ancient granite formations of the Matobo Hills, situated about 20 minutes by car from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, are of great historical and spiritual significance, with art and artifacts dating back thousands of years.

Sterkfontein Caves- World Heritage Site   Sterkfontein Caves- World Heritage Site
Some of the most important discoveries concerning the evolution of man were made at the Sterkfontein Caves it has been declared a World Heritage Site.

Genadendal - Valley of Grace   Genadendal - Valley of Grace
The oldest Moravian mission village in Africa with church buildings and school dating back to 1738, Genadendal is a charming village a mere 6 km from Greyton in the Western Cape. From Genadendal, there's a hiking trail that leads up into the mountains where the rivers seem to have no end.

The Ruins of Great Zimbabwe   The Ruins of Great Zimbabwe
A little less than 30 kilometres from the southeastern town of Masvingo are to be found some of the most extraordinary man-made relics in Africa. Formed of regular, rectangular granite stones carefully placed one upon the other, they are the ruins of an amazing complex, known as Great Zimbabwe.

The Harsh Island -  Robben Island   The Harsh Island - Robben Island
Robben Island is a small oval outcrop 10 km from the mainland.Today it is one of the most significant historical sites in South Africa.The history of this little island reflects its physical harshness

Piet Retief   Piet Retief
In October1837, Piet Retief, Voortrekker Leader at the time, was in high spirits at the prospect of negotiating a land deal for his people with Dingaan, King of the Zulu's.

Pietermaritzburg - Home Of Gandhi and The Comrades   Pietermaritzburg - Home Of Gandhi and The Comrades
Peaceful and still colonial, the city of Pietermaritzburg has retained its country character. The strength of Africa, the architectural influence of the British and the cultural contributions of both the Voortrekker and Indian can clearly be seen and experience.

Ostrich Palaces   Ostrich Palaces
During the peak of the Ostrich feather boom during the late 1920's, feathers were far more expensive than gold.Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape of South Africa is still widely known for its ostrich farms and the grand old palaces the ostrich barons of yesteryear erected.

The Missing Link Found In South Africa?   The Missing Link Found In South Africa?
Mrs Ples lived about 2,5 million years ago.Her brain size was small, similar in size to the chimpanzee, but she was able to walk upright. She did not have projecting canines as chimpanzees do.In this respect she is more closely related to humans than chimpanzees.

The Bo-Kaap Museum   The Bo-Kaap Museum
The history of the Bo-Kaap reflects the political processes in South Africa under the Apartheid years and the museum depicts the lifestyle of a nineteenth-century Muslim family.

The Remarkable Khoi and San people of the Past   The Remarkable Khoi and San people of the Past
They lived in total harmony with nature, posing no threat to wildlife and vegetation by over-hunting or gathering. Their semi-nomadic existence was governed by the seasons and the movement of game.

Mysteries of the Kalahari   Mysteries of the Kalahari
The Kalahari is difficult country and almost impossible for the traveler on foot. Yet, they found a ships anchor in the mountains above Mariental. And the tale about the baboon's head is almost unlikely.

The Greatness of Gandhi   The Greatness of Gandhi
It was at Pietermaritzburg station, where he was ejected from a first class train compartment, that Gandhi was alerted to the plight of Indians in Natal. A striking statue in the Church Street Mall depicts him forever striding forward in commemoration of this incident.

Haunting Landscapes of the Karoo   Haunting Landscapes of the Karoo
Philippolis is the oldest mission station in the Free State and part of the Transgariep - the vast, outstretched landscape that lies in the southern tip of the Free State. It is home to several declared national monuments.

West Coast Fossil Park   West Coast Fossil Park
The Park is situated 120 km north from Cape Town, one and a half hour's drive along the R27 from the city. It's adjacent to the West Coast National Park and reveals huge deposits of fossils.

The Weeping Cross   The Weeping Cross
After the massacre at Delville forest during World War I in July 1916, the troops brought pine wood back from France to make a cross for commemoration. But then the cross starts to "weep" every year during the month of July. Up to today nobody can explain the phenomena.

One Of The Thoughest Long Distances   One Of The Thoughest Long Distances
The Comrades Marathon is a professional mega event on the world's distance running calendar. Started with 48 entrants in 1921, it attracts more than 12000 runners today.

Churchill captured in South Africa   Churchill captured in South Africa
A reward (to recapture Churchill) of less than the cost of a bottle of whiskey was offered by General Joubert during the Anglo Boer War

Cape Dutch Architecture   Cape Dutch Architecture
The early houses in the Cape Town area were built in the Cape Dutch Architectural style, unique to the small area of the world and unquestionably beautiful.

An Old Mission Station Brought To Life   An Old Mission Station Brought To Life
The little town of Botshabelo was a thriving Mission Station during the 19th century.Then it disappeared until it was discovered and revived. Its rich Ndebele heritage offers the visitor a rewarding experience.

The Battle That Turned The River Into Blood   The Battle That Turned The River Into Blood
Crowded together in their laager, 470 men were waiting for the 12000 Zulu Impi`s to attack. It came early the morning of 16th December 1838.

The Hole That Became A City   The Hole That Became A City
Diamond rushes in South Africa were often unpredictable; devastating on the environment and often disappeared as quickly as a Highveld storm. Kimberley was different.

Venturing into the Interior   Venturing into the Interior
Thought to be impossible, Bain conquered the impenetrable Limietberg ( Mountain of Limits) to construct Bainskloof Pass.