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What to do in South Africa             
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What to do in South Africa is a question asked by travellers and locals alike. Whether you are seeking adventure or want to enjoy the outdoors, Encounter's What to Do Guide endeavours to help you find that perfect activity you don't want to miss!

South Africa is rich in natural beauty and heritage and the ideal climate creates numerous opportunities to enjoy a splendid holiday or a day trip filled with exciting things to do. Explore the numerous activity listings to fill your days with fun.

South African Adventures offers world-class climbing, surfing, diving, hiking, horseback safaris, mountain biking, river rafting ... more

South African Backpackers offers visitors a very cost-effective stay in the country. Situated all across the country ... more
Caravan & Camping
The country not only offers a great number of caravan & camping sites, but it is the most affordable way to take the entire family ... more
South Africa’s arts and culture are as rich as one might expect from such a diverse nation. From the country's people ... more
With over 30 casinos and numerous shopping malls, the country offers entertainment for all. The vibrant nightlife can be ... more
  Food & Wine
The country offers exciting culinary experiences ranging from traditional food & wine to global menus. Interesting food ... more

South African Golfing boasts an ideal climate for spending time out on the fairways under the bright African sun, and golfers ... more

South African Heritage dates back to the earliest human settlements in the world. This can be seen in the 8 World Heritage sites ... more

Holiday resorts
South Africa is home to numerous hot water springs, inland and seaside Holiday Resorts. Holiday Resorts are one of the ... more

Nature & Environment
The magnificence of South Africa nature & environment offers any visitor an experience that will go unmatched ... more

With South Africa's diverse natural surroundings, the country offers a variety of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. There are plenty of activities ... more

Spas & Wellness
Revitalize and treat yourself to relaxing spas & wellness treatments in one of South Africa's Spas or Health resorts ... more
South Africa is home to world-class sport facilities capable of accommodating thousands of spectators in comfort ...more  
  Tour Operators
South Africa is the ideal holiday destination, offering visitors a variety of tours through the country. Ranging from those  ... more