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Camping in South Africa

Camping in South Africa is part of the country's culture. The country not only offers a great number, but also a large variety of camping sites ranging from the very basic to 5-star quality. Camping is the most affordable way to take the entire family on a holiday and the best way to explore South Africa.

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Most recently added camp site
The Western Breeze

Camp at this exquisite 350 hectare game ranch between beautiful mountains that flow into valleys to accommodate the wide variety of game.

Featured camp site

Punda Maria

Punda Maria

At Punda Maria there are 50 tent or caravan sites, with power point, communal ablutions and cooking The camp is situated in the Sandveld region that is often described as the botanical garden of the Kruger National Park.

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Camping in South Africa Camping in South Africa

South Africa is an outdoor country with excellent weather and a diverse natural environment. SA offers over 700 camping sites in the country.

Equipment list for first time campers

Tent camping sites often cost less than camp sites with full amenities, but require you to come equipped. A list for the first time tent camper of equipment that would be needed is offered.
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